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The Maetreum of Cybele, Magna Mater is a neo-pagan, goddess oriented congregation and religious charity headquartered in Palenville, New York. Our home is a 150 year-old inn called Central House. The photo above is a vintage postcard which was mailed in 1917. This blog is all about our current events and what is going on at Central House.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

August 2008

Harvest Meadows was great! I came down a day early with my friend, Marge to help set up. We had a lot of fun doing so with Cathy and Helen.

The pond that we put in is now home to several frogs! When Marge and I went to visit it, we saw eight frogs in or around it. Wow! And there were at least two different species. Even though frogs are supposed to be endangered, they certainly aren’t around here. One of them even looked up at us and started croaking. Awwwwwww…..

We had 10 people altogether at Harvest Meadows. Helen put on a two- part workshop on the basics of pottery. She covered the different types of clay, some basic techniques for throwing pots and bowls as well as making mugs, beads and tiles. We also did some work on some of the tiles she is creating for the new kitchen. I think I may paint bees on some, since they are hex-shaped and make a honeycomb effect. ;-)

A local high priestess came to put on a plant meditation. Cailean’s daughter, Chessie, taught a workshop on candle making/candle magick and Randi and Felicia led us all in drumming on the full moon. They taught us some basic rhythms as well. Cathy once again gave her talk on the goddess in antiquity and we showed The Goddess Remembered trilogy. This is a feminist/pagan three-part documentary that covers ancient goddess spirituality through the Burning Times to today’s goddess revival.

We also got to enjoy some wonderful food. Helen made her sushi. And we enjoyed roasted veggies and barbecue. I made some pizzas and we enjoyed Cathy’s yummy scones for breakfast.

Tomorrow, we are having a group of paranormal investigators come to investigate Central House. I can’t wait to see what happens…..

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