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The Maetreum of Cybele, Magna Mater is a neo-pagan, goddess oriented congregation and religious charity headquartered in Palenville, New York. Our home is a 150 year-old inn called Central House. The photo above is a vintage postcard which was mailed in 1917. This blog is all about our current events and what is going on at Central House.

Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2nd, 2009

Howdy, folks! It’s been such a lovely winter, hasn’t it? (Yes, I am employing a generous dollop of sarcasm here!)

We now have some new sofas, thanks to Randi and Felicia. Now those of you who have been to visit the Phrygianum will no doubt be asking what we need new couches for, since we already have a whole theater-full of them. Well, there was that old, plaid loveseat in the living room that was (putting it nicely) better suited to a 70’s era suburban rec-room than to the Pagan-Goddess-flavored-Country-Victorian look we are going for. Unfortunately, while they were in good shape and clean, they just weren’t the right look for our living room. What we wound up doing was swapping them with Cathy’s blue loveseat and matching wing chairs. Those are now in the living room and the new sofas are in her living room. While not quite to her taste, either, they fit, and the long sofa is perfect for lying down on. Helen’s production potter, John, came to help us out with these.

We had some problems with the well, but these have been fixed. A part just needed to be replaced. Cathy wants to put the other well into service along with one of her other dreams: an old-style, hand pump. It would be a very handy thing for those times when we lose power or for providing water for the gardens and temple. Not to mention it would be so much fun!

Cathy has also obtained some more concrete molds. In addition to molds for columns, we now have molds for benches (to add more benches to the temple) as well as for interlocking stepping stones. The plan is to ultimately put a stepping-stone path leading from the main house out to the temple, which will have more benches and be surrounded by columns. Eventually, it’s going to have the look of a classical ruin. Our biggest dream, though, is to erect a life-size statue of Cybele, herself. That’s going to take some doing….

Season of the Tree is only 3 weeks away. We have a few new activities planned as well as some authentic “period” touches that we have never used before. I also plan on doing some Reiki attunements for whoever is interested. Just contact me first! 